Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Several years ago my wife and I took a week long windjammer trip on the Schooner Isaac Evans out of Rockland, Maine.  We arrived on a Friday evening, boarded and got to know our fellow passengers.  We were leaving port in the early morning.  When we awoke we were barely able to see our hands stretched out in front of us.  We wondered how we were going to maneuver through the harbor. However, our crafty and well trained Captain was able to maneuver us out of the harbor into the open bay so we could enjoy the sights.  Several hours later the fog had lifted and the sun shone brightly. At first I was a bit disappointed with the weather but later realized that the fog had provided an opportunity to take pictures such as the above photo (Foggy Morning #1).

Each morning we would wake and prepare for a new day once we had a wonderful breakfast cooked by the cook and her assistant on the wood fired stove in the very small galley.

During the day we would enjoy the scenery, take photographs and compare them as this was a photography cruise.  Later in the day the Captain would select a spot to pull in for the night as we enjoyed our time on the schooner.

The first night out we anchored in a quiet harbor and the crew prepared and amazing lobster feast.  What else do you eat when in Maine on a schooner?  There was lots of lobster, corn, burgers and hot dogs to go around.

Dinner is served!

Safe Harbor for the night.
During our trip we were able to enjoy the majestic, beauty of the coast of Maine in the Rockland area. 

If you ever get the chance or opportunity to take a trip on one of the the majestic schooners in Maine do not hesitate to do so.  It is an amazing experience.  

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